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Free cut Light guide panel wholesale

This is for those who can manufacturing their own light boxes, signs, and makers, construction company, onyx company, kitchen company, decoration company, furiniture company.

LGP wholesale means to the panels (without led strips) for your DIY.

Other material we sell :  leds strips  &  reflectors  (only sell to clients who buy LGP)

If you have CNC machine, engraving machine, you know how to use led strips ( you can buy leds from led factory or from us). Then this is easy. You may buy our processed panels, add your own L.e.d strips or other lighting source, you can easily to create your own lighting panels products ! YOU CAN SAVE MUCH COST .

dot pattern light panel


Our saw to cut acrylic panels

Now our whole panles are very popular in sign making industry,  because it is sharply reducing the cost of light box signs !  Our P-LGP exported to Poland advertising company, they are use it to creat display units.   Furthmore, some construction company using it to make lighting lines inside the building, or back lighting the photographys etc.

we would be more focus on Light panel  manufacturing for worldwide lightbox maker, advertising, construction contractor, distributors etc.

Our  Light guide plates meets the demands of mainstream market.


1  Cheap material ,  GPPS LGP, the best advantage is low cost  &  cutable



Size : 1200*2400mm  (Thickness from 3mm to 6mm)

It can be free cut as you want.

It has even grid by laser processed. You can cut it and add the lighting source on both sides or 4 sides.

It would be even illuminated.

Moq: 100cs

Price : strarted from  USD35 /per

Shipment : By sea.

Lead time :    7 days after payment

Sample :   available

Suitable for manufacturers, makers,  factories in advertising, decroation, construction buildings, architec lightings  and so on. Suitable to make high brightness but with lowest cost demands.

PMMA LGP also available.  4mm~10mm thickness.  Size can be 1220*2440mm or you named.

We welcome whoever interested in this or in this industry  contact us to get price list.


2  Light panel :

Material :  optical acrylic (PMMA)

Type:   dotted by Laser  &  grid pattern

It is with l.e.d strips.   You need to tell us the size and quantity, and we quote for every projects.

Usually 4, 6 or 8mm thickness.

Panel size max length  3000mm , width 1500mm.

* For best lighting effectness, we suggest the width is less than 1200mm .  600mm is the perfect width.

Payment :   through EBAY, PALPAY, bank wire, western union.

Time:   5~7 days to delivery

Delivery:  courier (DHL ) ,  air shipment, sea shipment

Currently, new technology (The following advanced technicials) are going to replace the others because it is highly improve the lighting effeciency.


3    Avanced LGP for panel lights

This is called tiny dots LGP.   The dots would be more tiny and closing dispatched.

It creats better brightness .   We use this technical for all customised light panels now.


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