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The new business market: Lighted shelves

The world changes , and we changes.  While we changes, we are looking for chances. 

While I am writing this , I am thinking there was a small company in 2008 called grandwin industry. Yes, we are still small today. But comparing to 10 years ago,  it is much bigger. 


In that moment, we were thinking how to make a beautiful lightbox and display products with less cost. And we really work harder.  and in 2015, our manament level had to change our goal. The company starts to produce and supply a kind of less cost LGP to all the companies like us.  This is a turnning point.  

Our less cost LGP succeed and become one of largest supplier in China. We have to say our international bussiness are not going faster because there are too many similar products in the world.  It seems not many manufacturers in this area and mostly are traders and users. 

So we think about some applications such as backlighting panel for decoration, panel lights and light sheet /led shelves for the fashionable shop.  Lots of artist and designers are using our products in their works. When you visited some musumes or churches, it might be contain our lighted panels. However, still not much orders in the numbers. And due to various fields, we are as busy as the bee. 

Why ?



As an marketing manager, I, jack LING, have been thinking of this questions.   

Maybe the clients does not know light panel , maybe there is some alternative solutions, or maybe it is compliated in peoples’ minds. 

But this is not , the lighted shelves.  People can understand it,  easy to know, and always are demands, thousands brand shop are going to need them.  

The lighting shelves. We are building the finished lighting shelves for you, What you need is to put them on the place they need to  be.  And no maintance needed, nowdays led life span can reach 3~5 years or longer. It breaks , just replace it !  So easy. 




we are looking for contractors , designers , warehouse fields, logistic fields person are try some small orders.  Current our NB001 serial is 16mm thickness shelves which very strong with beautiful lights to display your products.  Our contactu email



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