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Advantages of Led panel lights

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Super Slim The whole thickness of LED insterted LED lighting panel is  15mm. Long Lifespan & Maintenance Free Over 70,000 hours/20 years at 12hours a day, Edgelux panel is virtually semi-permanent. Therefor, it makes you free from troubles such as maintenance cost, labor cost, downtime . Low Power Consumption & Cost Savings saving energy:saving 80% than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Eco-Friendly The optimum lighting technology of 21 century as it contains NO mercury and other heavy materials. High Quality & Approved Parts the high light utilization: heating temperature is low, 90% of electricity changed into light energy Wide Variety of Application Using high-brightness LED, widely used in lighting and landscaping the city's buildings, leisure square and other public places,lighting family,hotels,shopping malls,office space, also could be used for advertising signs, stage scenery, home decoration and other occasions.


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