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Installation precautions for LED panel light

1. This product should be installed by trained electricians.

2. Pleas make sure the transformer and the light panel disconnect with the AC main supply.

3. The distance between the light and any flammable materials must not be less than 0.2m. The distance between the upper part of the installed light and the ceiling must not be less than 2.0cm.The light must not be installed into ceilings or walls that contain heat-insulating material. The main cable must not connect with the low voltage cable or the panel light.

4. When connecting the wiring cables to the luminaries, the brown (or black) wire is the Live wire, connect it with the terminal marked “L”. The blue wire is Naughty wire, connect it with the terminal marked “N”.

5. Use only the LED driver included, and do not connect the LED light panel to other loads.

6. Please don’t disassemble the LED panel light or the power supply or the drive system to avoid any danger to user or problems to the LED panel light.

7. If there is unauthorized disassembly and maintenance, then the LED panel light and the transformer and the drive system will be out of warranty.



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