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The difference of LGP and light panel

LGP is light guided panel or light guide plate. It is usually acrylic (PMMA) material.
And it is processed by laser machine to create lines in the surface. In this way, the panel
are able to guide the lights to become an even flat area. The lighting source is usually placed its edges. So it has another name, edge-light panel.

grid-pattern-lgp  laser-dotted-pattern

(Two patterns LGP, similar effectness)

LGP is processed acrylic(PMMA) panel in tradditional, but now, we have a new kind of LGP which is called GPPS LGP.  It has the features of acrylic, but the cost is half of acrylic material. We produced about 20,000 pcs of GPPS panel for lightbox manfacturer, sign maker and construction companies.



Light panel is a made product that LGP plus leds. It is for reseller and end-users. They use light panel to back lighting onyx countertop, bath top, splashbacks, lighting wall, or as display equipments etc. It can be framed and frameless. Max is 48 inch x 96 inch.
According to the specific project, we use 12V or 24v l.e.ds to make sure bright enough.
L.e.ds Life span is over 50, 000 hours. The power consumption is very low.

Light panel price are various as the size is too many. We quote the cost and postages after you write to us.

Currently, the processing technology are upgraded again.  The laser machine can make more close and tiny dots in acrylic sheet to improve the lights efficiency. Therefore, this tiny dots LGP are often used to make led panel lights in commercial lighting industry.

 For all customised light panel, we are using micro dotted pattern now.  This is the best performance




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