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Adavanced LGP manufacturing for BENZ RV top

Over decades efforts, our LGP industry are getting better and better.

Products are used widely in many industries.  Now the famous BENZ RV (Recreational Vehicle ) company have a sharply increased demands about our LGP,which is for their celling lights.  With our LGP, they can easily creat amazing lights inside the car.

Tons of sheets are needed.  Therefore, we added an new machine for the later business.

It can creast new patter in the LGP just like the following pictures.

New decorative pattern


Origial pattern


The following : LGP manufacturing machine.


We welcome the world companies booked our adavanced LGP in wholesale mood.

The size can be 1200*2400, 1500*3000mm

Thickness from 3mm ~ 8mm acrylic (PMMA)

MOQ :    50pcs.

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